About PR CON

PR CON's main mission statement is;

"To plan and execute a LAN gaming and social event annually, in order to raise money for charity and provide face to face relations with our community"

PR CON is an idea that came to fruition from previous 'internal' Project Reality team meetups. 2011 was the inaugral year for the idea of making the team meetup a more public venture. Previously, the meetups were held on various UK Armed Forces locations. For PR CON, we aim to provide a central, public location to ensure travel, accomodation and power resources are covered.

Information on previously held team meetups/LANs can be found below:

RAC Bovington (2007)
RAC Bovington (2008)
Lulworth (2010)
PR CON (2011)

PR CON 2011 will feature:
  • Up to 100 players, including a host of team members who have already signed up for the event!
  • A chance to meet, game and chat with players from across the PR team and community
  • 24hr Gaming
  • A chance to see presentations given by the team on things they are currently working on for PR
  • A variety of games including PR:BF2, PR:ARMA2, ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead and Red Orchestra 2.
  • A chance to listen and question various guest speakers, who we are keeping as a surprise for now.
  • A chance to enjoy a variety of LAN 'chill out' games, including a PR:BF2 boxing contest!
  • An on-site canteen to provide players with food and drink throughout the day (unfortunately you won't be able to bring your own food/drinks into the venue until the canteen closes on the Saturday).
PR CON 2011 Staff:

Main PR CON Staff:

[R-DEV]Dr Rank
Dan (Alpha Networks)

Admin/Support Staff: